Course Delivery

CELTA courses may be offered in one of the modes listed below:

Full time CELTA courses

The full-time CELTA is usually offered, as a 4-week intensive course (120+ hours onsite). This is a highly intensive course, which will require a lot of time and energy during for successful completion. As well as the onsite hours, trainees need to spend time doing course related work (reading, lesson preparation and assignments). However, most participants maintain that although the course is challenging, it is highly motivating and useful. 

Part time CELTA courses

A second option is a part-time CELTA course. Part-time courses may run for a number of weeks, during which there may be weekday or weekend meetings for Teaching Practice, feedback and lesson preparation, as well as for input sessions. This option still requires a high level of commitment in terms of time and effort. 

Blended CELTA courses

Whether full time or part time, this mode incorporates the online provisions of some of the input sessions of the course.