All aspects of the course are continuously assessed. An external assessor approved by Cambridge ESOL always visits every CELTA course. The role of the assessor is to moderate the course. The final certificate is issued by Cambridge. 

A CELTA course is assessed in two ways. One is by written assignments, and the other by on-going assessment of teaching practice. 

Each lesson is assessed with one of the following grades: a. “Above standard”, b. “To standard” or c. “Not to standard”, but assignments receive a pass or fail grade. If an assignment receives a fail grade on first submission, you will be allowed one resubmission. It may be possible to fail one assignment and still pass the course, provided that the assessment criteria have been high elsewhere in the coursework.

The CELTA is a pass/fail course. Final grades are: (a) Pass A, (b) Pass B, (c) Pass and (d) Fail. The certificate at Pass level is awarded to candidates who meet the course requirements and whose performance meets the criteria in all components. Those whose classroom teaching skills reach a level significantly higher than pass-level criteria are awarded a Pass B; those whose classroom teaching and planning skills are exceptional, are awarded a Pass A. You will receive a course report with a provisional grade within two weeks of completing the course. You can use this course report as interim certification, if applying for work and until you receive your final Cambridge Certificate.