Why CELTA with QLS

QLS became a proud Centre for Cambridge CELTA Courses in April 2019. This approval bestowed on QLS by Cambridge is tribute to the QLS commitment to quality. It is precisely this same quality, which we have embraced and incorporated in our CELTA courses.

The added privilege that has been vested in QLS is to allow the creation of multiple venues throughout Greece, and in doing so to bring the CELTA courses to the prospective participants rather than ask them to travel to Centres in Athens or Thessaloniki. 

In actualising this privilege, QLS will be running a number of courses throughout Greece, in a rotating mode and in a way that venues may be revisited every few years. This site will be announcing all the forthcoming CELTA courses with details, such as mode, dates and venues. 

The first course starts on 2ndSeptember in Full Time Mode and will conclude on 27thSeptember. However demanding this endeavour may sound, it is a guaranteed worthwhile experience and it will provide participants with lots of incentive for their teaching in the new academic year.

Our experienced Course Tutors will support and assist you throughout the course. The tutor to trainee ratio will be very high, which means that participants will be getting a lot of personal attention.

But the number ONE reason, why you should opt for a QLS CELTA course, is that it is (probably) offered in your own locality, thus minimising the participation costs to fees only. On the other hand if travelling and/or accommodation is involved, you may find the following possible benefits:

  • Available accommodation in a small city will probably be better and less expensive
  • You may find life in a smaller community less expensive than Athens or Thessaloniki
  • You may opt for the travelling attraction of the city, say, one like Corfu
  • Finally, trainees from nearby cities may find that commuting daily, especially if they are with a colleague from the same place proves to be most cost effective.